Erica Femino


Erica Femino is a Boston based artist and graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, with a BFA in Fine Art. Erica graduated in 2011, and immediately began her pursuing her career as an artist and creative director. To be a successful contemporary artist, it is extremely important to be very aware of the world you live in, in order to successfully gather information, reexamine it, and reproduce it then form of art, for the public to better understand the world they live in as well. Erica’s artwork and style has always been intricate, complex, bold, and brave.

Her work subtlety describes and discusses the aspects of the human experience that we all must face, and the psychology of art and human behavior, ranging from subjects as serious as politics, to the more playful aspects of our interactions. Because of this, Erica decided to travel abroad while making art and to gain interesting experiences to re-tell. She first traveled to Beijing with artist Peter Wayne Lewis, to meet with contemporary Chinese artists, to understand the political aspects that are involved with the exhibiting of artwork. This was an amazing experience, where she gained much knowledge about the international art world. From there she traveled to Paris and Barcelona working as An artist for two years, creating murals and paintings for “LE BLOC,” a giant artist-run residency in the heart of Paris.

After returning from Europe, she then worked as the in-house artist for the House of Blues Boston, a large music venue, creating permanent murals depicting famous blues musicians from America. Recently Erica has started her own business, called FarOut STUDIOS in East Boston, MA. This company coordinates everything creative that an individual may need: ranging from professional art-work photography for artists, to corporate head shots for professionals, the making of business cards, websites and more. In the process, FarOut Fashion was created. This aspect helps fashion designers create “look books” (professional portfolios) for their clothing careers. She arranges models, photographers and make up artists for the designers. A recent look book for “Bostons Best 2016” Joe Malaika, has been sent to Nordstrom. FarOut Sounds help musicians create their cd covers, merchandise, etc.

Erica has exhibited her work in various galleries around the world, including EXPO DES ARTISTES in Paris, Rivelli Gallery in Beijing, Sampson Projects in Boston, The Liquid Art House, Boston, Miami Art Basel with KC Arts, and the W Hotel.

Learn more: ericafemino.wix.com/artist#!contact

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