Cactus Attack


Cactus Attack is a band born of the usual stuff: A bunch of friends drinking beers, laughing, playing tunes, and staring down the demons we all share. It’s the closest thing to church these boys have ever found. Running hard since 2008, Cactus Attack has taken New England by force and has spread their music around the country with ambitious tours and sheer perseverance.

Marked by their high energy shows and dedication to their fans, here is a band that is sure to make you want to Van Damme the bathroom doors at the club and do a buck twenty down the highway after you leave. Ryan Jackson (Rhythm guitarist and vocalist) and Taylor Brennan (Lead guitarist and vocalist) both share a raw writing style that tells the stories of the abandoned and the broken in a way that we can all relate to. Backed up by Derek Pearson (Banjo and vocalist), Mike Walker (Upright bass), and Chris Hickman (Drummer), the music takes shape and guides us to where words fail and raw emotion begins.

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